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I was greeted at the door by the beautiful Clover dressed in a sundress that accented her natural beauty. Her pictures do not do her justice, this girl is gorgeous, in a sexy librarian, GND kind of way....  My fingers hands and face were dripping with her cum. I have no idea how many times she came, as it was more like 1 continuous orgasm.... My balls were soaked. My legs were soaked. And despite any towels we put down, the bed was soaked. Finally, I couldn't hold it any longer and I exploded into the cover. I had one of the longest, most powerful, most satisfying orgasms of my life."

She has special talents and combines them with a great attitude and provides a top notch experience as a result. Treat her well, she is a gem.... She started touching herself and let out a big gush with a moan. My chest was soaking wet from her juices. It was an incredible sight.... Watching her kitty and ass muscles contract outside was too sexy...."

Clover is very sexy, kinda nerdy hot, especially with her glasses on. She has a great body and her soft skin feels great... She tasted great and it wasn't long before she had the first squirting release of many to cum.... I could feel her tightening and releasing, gushing, tightening and releasing, more gushing. Some nice dirty talk and moan.  After another release of her warm fluids over my cock and balls I couldn't contain myself anymore and erupted into her and the cover. What a lovely hot wet mess we were.... Thanks for the wonderful time Clover, I hope to meet again."

She wore the sundress I requested and looked very pretty with her curly strawberry blonde hair, porcelain skin and sexy glasses....  ...Clover had her first of hundreds of O's within the first few seconds of my tongue on her pussy. I spent the next 20 minutes dining and experiencing Clover's squirting-it's such a turn on to watch her get completely overcome with wave upon wave of orgasm.... I also gently rubbed her starfish from time to time much to her great satisfaction and then followed up with a little dato which culminated in one of her larger gushes....  Clover is an awesome young woman who is very open and laid back and really nice to talk to....  I've been with several women who squirt but Clover is in a class by herself....  I had an incredible time with Clover. She's quite a woman both intellectually and sexually and I'm hoping our paths cross again soon." -Read the full post.

Her lips are pouty, her eyes will make you melt and her natural tits are to die for... Gentleman I am happy to say that NYC is no longer a DRY town... You have all heard this before about the view, but wow, her pussy and ass in your face is prize winning... She is coming hard. Her pussy muscles like a vice on my fingers... Clover is simply awesome. Great kisser. Super soaker. Cock worshipper. Great fuck. Just beautiful. Great personality. The complete provider."

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