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Last week I attended the first Baccanalia event! It was my first professional, and it was so much fun! Of course, for privacy's sake I won't name any gentlemen, but the lovely ladies that I had a blast were: Jules, Hollie of Miami, and Carmina.

A short recap:

First, we started off the party with a blow job. The Gentlemen were blindfolded and us girls gave them each a one minute blow job. They had to guess who was who! The winner received... a blow job! :D

Next we split up and moved to the rooms. I went in one room with Jules, and 4 gentlemen, where all sorts of debauchery ensued. I got fucked while sucking a cock. got fucked while sucking a cock AND having my pussy eaten, got fisted by the lovely Carmina, squirted EVERYWHERE on EVERYONE, fucked Carmina with my strap on as a thank you for the fisting, and had a strapon threesome with Jules and Hollie of Miami.

Not too bad for my first pro orgy.... :)


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