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New Orleans! 1

I will be in my favorite southern city next week - NEW ORLEANS!!! I'm available Jan 6 - 9. Because I'm so excited for the trip I went through old pics from the last 2 years that I've taken in New Orleans. Here are some of my favorites:

This was in 2014 during my first trip to NOLA! I found these amazing rainbow wings at one of the Pride stores in the French Quarter. Later I would use them in my bodypainting photos, and they would become part of my logo! This was my first pair of wings, and one of my first big costuming pieces. Also, check out my purple hair tips!! I miss it... I've been thinking about putting some turquoise green in my hair lately...

Mmmmm.... Gator sausage from the vendor in the French Market. I love the food in New Orleans! Unfortunately, I have a dairy allergy, so a lot of the traditional Creole cuisine is off limits for me, but I do love me some Gator sausage!! It's a better chicken in my opinion, and there's something so delicious and satisfying in eating something that could eat you.

I found this gem in a tattoo place that I went with my ex girlfriend. I'm not sure why they had it so proudly displayed, but hey, it made me laugh. We ended up scoring some weed from the guys that worked there.

You find some weird shit in New Orleans... which is why it's one of my favorite cities to visit! What can I say, I have a thing for tentacles... ;)

I really love the art scene in New Orleans. The following two pictures I found in a sculpture garden near an art museum. It was really cool to see and it's a wonder that it stands so tall. I don't remember its exact location, so please let me know if you do, I'd like to correctly identify it.

From the back view of the same statue.

The first underbust corset I acquired was in New Orleans. It is a beautiful silk corset from Trashy Diva (one of my favorite stores in NOLA). I discovered that I LOVE underbusts because they don't cover up my breasts!

I found this beauty while roaming the streets. Feels like NOLA to me!

Found these valiant knights in an art studio. The bunny is about 6 feet tall.

I got this beautiful pin up style dress on my last visit to NOLA. See you soon!!!


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