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Since its January, of course I'm dreaming of somewhere warm. A little over 2 years ago I took a winter vacation to Cabo (and a spring one too!) with my ex girlfriend. I would love to go back to Mexico again, but with my travel plans determined until July it doesn't look like I'm going anytime soon. Oh well, a girl can dream huh?

Aah, beautiful Cabo. This was from my second trip in March of 2014. I'm in my full hedonistic hippy-chick gear sitting on my private lawn smoking an apple bong. The view was truly spectacular and the blue, blue waters made my heart sing. Welcome to Cabo.

This photo was from the entry/exit to the villa I stayed in during my first trip to Cabo San Lucas (Dec 2013). It amused me to no end how the bushes and trees looked like balls and dick, and I had to have this picture. I got the driver to stop, as we were heading back to the airport. The villa I stayed in was at the top of the mountain, similar to the ones you can see in the background.

The obligatory beautiful flower picture. There is something about the combination of pink and yellow that makes a bold statement. This was a pretty big flower.

Here is part of that beautiful view I had the first time I visited Cabo. If you look close enough, you can see some boob bruises from my personal play time with my ex-girlfriend. This villa had a pool in the floor below where I took this picture.

Mexican condoms.... I couldn't help but laugh. "Retardar el climax masculino!"

This was a beautiful pipe I got in Cabo, which unfortunately broke soon after I got home. It was upsetting because I got it for a good price and I was just beginning my pipe collection. I currently have over 30 pipes in my collection from my travels all across the US.

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