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The Netherlands 1

I took a poll of where my next blog post should feature and the Netherlands won! I went to 3 different places while in the Netherlands: Vlaardingen, Amsterdam, and Hoevelaken. I didn't take any pictures while in Hoevelaken, but I got a few in Amsterdam.

My first picture in The Netherlands and of course it's a nude one! I ended up getting off at the wrong train stop because my phone was almost dead and I couldn't risk using it. Turns out I got off on the opposite side of Vlaardingen, so I had to lug my 2 suitcases and a backpack 45 minutes to get to my hotel. It was a charming Dutch place, and the tub was pretty bomb. When I finally arrived it was almost midnight, so the only thing I wanted to do was take a nice hot relaxing bath... Aaahh.

The first thing I did when arriving to Amsterdam: smoke in the common lounge room at my hostel. I had been waiting to get here for a long time. Got the top in Liverpool at... American Apparel. I got a lot of cute clothes there and it cracks me up knowing I bought American goods in England.

Let me just say this. Coming from Colorado, where the quality is better and the price is much, much cheaper, I was NOT impressed with the weed in Amsterdam. If you wanted to get anything of good quality and decent drying, you had to pay $20-30 a gram. Some of the weed would have been better quality if it had been dried correctly. This Liberty Haze was probably one of the best strains I found. It won a bunch of awards.

This beautiful guy was the resident cat of the first cafe I went into. It was my first night there, so I wasn't sure what to do. I had an interesting interaction with this cat. We had a conversation with our eyes before I sat down and the cat told me it was okay to sit there (No seriously, I wasn't on drugs. The cat nodded to me). The cat posed for this photo and then left, it's time with me done. Cats are such pretentious assholes. Sorry, but I'm a total dog lady. Pretty cat though, and it knows it.

A shitty picture of the Condomerie, a unique shop with all sorts of condoms, novelty and functional. I didn't actually spend too much time in this store, why I don't remember, but I will definitely be going back to visit to take a better look. I think my favorite condom in the window is the elephant one..

Found these beauties practically glowing. The pink/purple/blueness of these flowers make them a particular favorite of mine. Message me if you know what kind they are!

Found these rad shoes while walking to my hostel. I have no idea what brand they are, but they sure are sharp.

Not sure if you know this, but I absolutely LOVE blacklights. (You sure can tell from that big cheesy grin on my face!) I adore fluorescent gifts!!


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