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Cabo San Lucas 2

Soon I will be leaving for my birthday week in Mexico! I am going to Puerto Vallarta, which is right across from Cabo San Lucas. I have never been there before, so I will instead feature this week's post on Cabo! I am so excited to be going to Mexico! I have been sick of winter and can't wait to be somewhere where I can be outside naked! My airbnb has a private balcony for that exact reason. ;)

Here I am enjoying a secluded beach. To get here I had to take a boat. The beach is located between the middle of giant white rocks (which you can see in the picture below).

These are the majestic wind and sea carved rocks that framed the beach. On the sea facing side I saw a dead pelican wedged high upon the rocks.

Me showing off my awesome red dress in front of the fountain.

The flowers in Mexico are so beautiful. Here they were overflowing from the roof, tumbling down. I am so excited to see the flowers again. The lady in the picture sure did like them too.

The view from my room in the morning, the mist still covering the rocks. Sometimes I would fall asleep outside to the waves and wake up to this beauty.


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