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Brussels 1

The recent attacks in Brussels have saddened me greatly. It was a wonderful place full of love and laughter and I loved visiting there. I didn't stay for very long, only 2 days, but it was enough to grow to love Brussels.

What was the first thing I did when I got to Brussels? I got a delicious native beer! You've probably had a Leffe beer at some point in your life and thought it was good. But let me tell you, when you get a beer from where it's brewed it is so much better than when it's imported. Freshness is key!!!

The Manneken-Pis is a famous and popular fountain in Brussels. I did get a few pics of the real fountain, but since it has been stolen multiple times it is behind a fence and the pictures were not so good. I did find this nice blue version outside a waffle place in Brussels. The Manneken-Pis is so popular I even found homage to him in Amsterdam! They really love this statue and dress him up in different outfits all the time. There is also a peeing girl fountain down a random side-street and a peeing dog statue (which was unfortunately hit by a car).

This is St. Michael's Cathedral. The oldest blocks of the church dates back to Roman times. Inside the church you can pay 1 Euro to go underneath it and see the Roman ruins. There's not much to see to be honest, I've seen better ruins beneath a building in Barcelona, but it is still really cool to see and know how old it really is. There was a lot of beautiful stained glass.

Here is one example of the gorgeous stained glass work in the cathedral. This particular one depicts prisoners being sentenced by the clergy.

Brussels has a lot of interesting street art, and this one really caught my eye. If you click on the picture to make it larger you can see that there is a mysterious figure opening the woman's door, possibly coming to kidnap or kill her. Is the older man her father? Her husband? Is she helping her lover in or a friend? What in the hell is going on?!?

These beautiful gold covered buildings are in the square in Brussels. From all 4 directions the buildings are gilded in gold and shining bright and loud in the sun. The day I went they were setting up a stage for a concert.

This photo is too awesome to make smaller. When wandering around while waiting to leave Brussels I stumbled onto this section of a shop! I love the dick knives and painted eggs!!


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