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I did a short poll on twitter to ask where I should feature in tonight's blog, and NYC won! I have SOOO many pics from my time living in NYC that is a bit difficult to choose what I should put on here. Here are my selections:

There's nothing so beautiful, creepy, and ethereal about NYC in the fog. Some days it is so bad you can't even see the buildings across the river, and it seems like you are in a capsule of haze.

One of the photos from my spider-woman shoot. This was taken in a Church in Harlem's inner court in mid February 2015. The temperature was a brisk 20 degrees outside when I was shooting. Needless to say it did wonders for my nipples, but I couldn't wait to get back inside!

You may already know but I have a great love of costuming. Here I am as a slutty cowgirl doll for one of the themed parties I attended in NYC.

The following photos are a few that were taken by an amature photographer. I couldn't figure out which one to choose, so I decided to post them all.

Last, but not least, this is my Halloween costume from 2014. I was a florescent eyeball monster from under your bed! First pic is glowing under the blacklight...

And this one is me under the regular lighting. That's it for this post, stay tuned for next week's post!! Follow me on twitter for updates @clevertravels


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