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San Francisco 1

Here are photos from my first visit ever to San Francisco! I spent 2 days in the city, 2 days camping in Mount Talmapais, and 1 more day in the City. The most amazing part for me was camping in the mountains only 14 miles north of San Francisco. From my campsite I had an amazing view of the whole bay. In the morning, when the fog rolled in, the view became ethereal. San Fran was an okay city in my opinion, but what I enjoyed most there was the nature right outside it's door.

The Pacific Ocean is a beautiful place to watch the sunset. I came to this spot both nights that I was camping on Mt Talmapais. There was a lovely wooden bench to sit on, so I smoked a J while the sun went down. It was very romantic. Far down below, where you can see the lake, there were seals playing in the last light of the sun.

A partial view from my campsite in Mt Talmapais. You can see parts of the city off in the distance. In the morning, all of this would be mysterious and foggy.

I'm out in the wilds of San Francisco and what do I find? A bunch of my namesake, growing rampant underneath the immense and looming Redwood Trees.

Here's an example of one of the said GIANT Redwood trees.

The two things I really liked about San Fran was the closeby nature and the street art. Here it says "Where we call come from".

I saw this piece in San Fran down an alley that was full of art. I liked this one for the rainbows and how bizarre it is.

Here's another piece from the same alleyway. I love the multitude of colors and how emotional the lines are.


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