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Washington, DC 1

I am visiting DC again soon from Jan 25 - 27 @ 12pm, Feb 10 - 13 @ 12pm and May 12 - 14 @ 12pm. I will be offering doubles with Inari Popcorn and TS Sasha. Check out my doubles page for more detailed info. DC Is one of my favorite cities to visit. I love visiting DC for its diverse culture and amazing food. The Ethiopian food there is my favorite!

I picked this awesome piece up at a store in Tyson's Corner. I know it's not exactly DC, but close enough for the sake of this hot picture. I don't have much lingere because I'm not a fan of covering up my breasts. This piece is one of my favorites for obvious reasons. I have since cut off the panties that were attached, because it was limiting access. I'm the kind of girl that wants her lingerie to be practical....

I saw this cute Hansel & Gretel display at the DC Zoo during my last visit in October of 2015. I really liked how the zoo had so much open space for the animals. Take note of the creepy witch standing in the doorway.

I spotted these awesomely funky rock formations at the Museum of Natural History in DC. It's called Bismuth and it's grown in a lab (I believe). As well as being into beautiful plants and flowers I also love beautiful rocks. My mom used to get so mad at me because she'd throw my pants in the laundry and a bunch of rocks would come out. A cool rock piece (such as this) would be a gift I'd love.

This was one of my favorite photos in the art section of the Museum of Natural History. The colors are so vibrant and shocking. There's that pink and yellow combo again. There's just something about blooming colors that I love so much.

Saw this little beautiful poisonous frog at the DC Zoo. The frog was pretty tiny, but so striking in color. I love the composition with the greens and the blues. If you know what kind of frog this is message me!

I am a huge fan of blacklights and I came across this awesome blacklight mural in a bar/jam space off of Adams Morgan.

I took this pic last Jan 2015 when I was in DC during the blizzard. Boobies!!! See you soon DC!


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