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As you may know I used to live in NYC, therefore it took me a long time to go through my pictures and figure out which ones to use. It made me realize how many awesome bodypainting photos I have and how I want to do more! I'll have to make a whole post dedicated to unpublished bodypainting photos. I'm super excited to make it back to NYC this week and see all of my awesome friends. I will be available in midtown Feb 1 - 3 & 8 - 9 and will be back again May 25 - 30. Contact me for a more detailed schedule. I am also going to be offering doubles with TS Sasha. See more info here.

I've made it back to NYC! It feels so natural to be here, like I've come back home. There's something so magical, so beautiful about NYC. Something so human amidst a concrete jungle. There's always excitement, something to do, somewhere to eat. This is a city that truly never sleeps. Where its a common thing to go party on a Tuesday night. When I first moved to NYC I had no idea of what the future held in store for me, about whom I would become. I went from knowing no one to having an extensive network of friends and lovers within months. Immediately upon arrival I felt home. I began to find out who I was and I became true to myself and all of my desires. You may be wondering why I moved to Denver if I loved NYC so much. I left NYC due to a harsh breakup with my partner (we've since reunited) and I do miss it, but I visit so often that I consider it to be my second home. It will always hold magic for me since I didn't get burned out, but it seems that stage in my life is over. The wild west calls me.

I've seen this truck all around the eastern part of Queens, in Astoria and Long Island City. NYC has some interesting vehicles, but I think this is one of my favorite.

Summertime in NYC is the best time to be there! Especially when your friends like to paint you as "Pussybeard the Pirate" and take your nude photo on the balcony. There's nothing quite like letting it all hang out in the city sun.

If there's one thing NYC's known for its Pizza... Since I have a dairy allergy finding delicious pizza that I can eat can be quite difficult. But in NYC there are many places that can accommodate my need for vegan cheese. Like this Two Boots custom made (just for me!) pizza with vegan cheese, spinach, olives, garlic, portobello mushrooms and yummy bacon.

A behind the scenes look at one of my bodypainting sets! #datass

Here I am as a siren. This was back when I had a nose peircing. I've since removed it since I was forever snagging it on everything. ;-; The best pics from this shoot are actually when I'm in the bath removing the paint, but I'll release those in my bodypainting post. ;)

As any New Yorker knows an empty subway car is a suspicious one. Luckily for me it was neither smelly nor crazy and I just got lucky with an empty car. Not everyone is always so fortunate, and my advice is always "Beware of the empty train car!"

I managed to see David Letterman in the second to last week he was performing. His guest was Michelle Obama (who is one sexy MILF) and musical guest was Hootie & The Blowfish. It was the first and only live recorded show I went to in NYC. I had never really even seen his show before, but it was a fun experience.

My good friend got two tickets to see Lady Gaga at the Madison Square Garden. It was a really awesome show. The costumes were amazing and on point. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a pretty big fan, and she put on an amazing performance. She was really bubbly and interacted with the audience in a way that you felt she was interacting directly with you. I really love this shot.

This is an old photo taken a few months before I started escorting. This particular showerhead was very strong. Notice the blue-green tips to my hair. I am seriously thinking about putting some turquoise green in my hair again... I miss the pop of color. Next week's post is going to be which ever city gets the most votes in my twitter poll here.


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