I AM passport ready! Travel dates are ONLY possible for established friends and require a deposit to show you are serious. Minimum of 2 days. I do require my OWN room for sleeping & getting ready and at least 4 hours during the day to myself, as well as a few shopping sprees. Adjoining rooms are A-Okay! :)
Can't find your city in Tier 1? 

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Tier 1 Cities
A small deposit is required in most cities.
  • Ft Collins, CO

  • CO Springs, CO

  • Aspen, CO

  • Pueblo, CO

  • NYC

  • Los Angeles, LA

  • Boulder, CO

  • *San Diego*

  • Vail, CO

  • Cheyenne, WY

  • Grand Junction, CO

  • Denver, CO

Tier 1 Donations

"After Hours" Any dates from 11pm-10am (9pm - 10am in NYC)

Add $100 per hour

1 Hour of Bliss

$500 USD

90 Minute Tryst

$750 USD

2 Hour Rendezvous (Preferred for First Time Dates)

$900 USD

3 Hour Decadence *Deposit Required*

$1,300 USD

4 Hours of Adventure *Deposit Required*

$1,650 USD

6 Hours of Delight *Deposit Required*

$2,150 USD

8 Hour Fun Fest *Deposit Required*

$2,600 USD

Overnight/Day (up to 14 hours) *Deposit Required*

$3,300 USD

All Day Retreat (up to 24 hours) *Deposit Required*

$4,700 USD

I'm Yours All Weekend! (48 hrs) *Deposit Required*

$6,300 USD

7 Day Getaway (Established Friends ONLY!) *Deposit Required*

$18,000 USD

Travel Dates (Established Friends ONLY!) *Deposit Required*

$3000 per Day

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This is NOT an offer for prostitution. All donations, tips, and/or gifts are exchanged for my time and companionship ONLY. Any other events that may happen are a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults of legal age, and is not to be contracted, compensated, or bartered in any way. 



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