Vinyl dates - denver only!

I am so so excited to announce my long awaited vinyl dates!! Since these special dates require special equipment, I am only able to offer them at my private incall in Denver. Since this is something I would really like to do, I am offering dates at a discount, with a minumum of 4 hours, up to a full day. There are a few stipulations that make up a vinyl date and those are:
  • We meet at a vinyl shop. We select several vinyls to enjoy together. I keep a minumum of 4 vinyls.

  • We go back to my place to enjoy at least an hour of listening to vinyls, cuddling, and even smoking weed (if you're so inclined- it's LEGAL here!)

  • 4 hour dates include 1 hour of play. Book longer if you'd ilke to have more fun. ;)

  • A meal is required for 4 hour dates, 2 meals for 8 hour dates or overnights, and 4 meals are required for all day retreats.

4 Hours of Adventure *Deposit Required*


6 Hours of Delight *Deposit Required*


8 Hour Fun Fest *Deposit Required*


Overnight/Day (up to 14 hours) *Deposit Required*


All Day Retreat (up to 24 hours) *Deposit Required*


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This is NOT an offer for prostitution. All donations, tips, and/or gifts are exchanged for my time and companionship ONLY. Any other events that may happen are a matter of personal choice between two consenting adults of legal age, and is not to be contracted, compensated, or bartered in any way. 



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