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About Clover

My name is Clover,
the insatiable squirter.
I love to travel and produce
hot vids & pics

My email is

Hi there, my new darling. I’m Clover, and I am tickled to introduce myself to you. 


As you may have gathered, I love all things erotic.

I consider myself to be pansexual and am into lovers of every kind. I am all me and I want you to be all you. No pretenses or personas needed to enjoy our time together. Down-to-earth, kind, and naughty are how I like to describe myself. 


My insatiable lust for all things erotic has allowed me to bring about immense pleasure to anyone who dares to seek it.

I’m incredibly open-minded, never judgmental, and love exploring the unknown with you!

As far as what you’ll be feasting your eyes upon… I am a 5'6'' 120lb American nympho with orgasmic milky skin that begs to be caressed. My firm-yet-supple body has been blessed with pretty size 8.5 feet, perky and all-natural 38E’s (DDD), and curls that have been kissed by fire. 

My eyes are a mesmerizing mosaic of green, blue and amber and my pout is plump and eager.

I am well-groomed and keep my exquisite garden landscaped and luscious just for you. As a Pisces, you’ll find me to be a creative, dreamy, deeply emotional and connected friend and lover.

As a connoisseur of Sapphic love, I very much enjoy the company of other women. In my leisure time, I am a creator. I make art, produce sexy videos and happenings (ask me!), and design costumes to tantalize you. Photo and video shoots encompassing your fantasies are so enjoyable, too. I like to have fun in all forms: fetish-wear, female condoms (I love them!), and toys. I think it brings a whole new touch sensation to our playtime. 

Traveling with those whom I've met before is something I revel in. I’ve been to: Israel, Mexico, all over Europe, the Caribbean, and 49 states in the USA. Places that are still on my bucket list: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Austria and many other places! If you want me to come away with you, ask me about my special travel rates. 


As far as other things that make my pupils dilate, I enjoy a good bottle of wine with a delectable charcuterie board (minus the cow dairy and gluten, if you will), titillating fruits (berries), and the occasional sweet morsel. Want me to play dress-up? I love gifts in the form of new lingerie, high-quality toys (must be brand new & in the package), or some sexy heels. Don’t know what to get me? Amazon gift cards are cool, too. Or take a look at my wishlists. A girl wants to be treated, right?

I do have regular working hours *(10am - 10pm for most cities) but if you’d like to see me after hours, excluding overnights, an “after Hours” fee of $150 per hour is required. Never have I and never will I discriminate against any race, age, sexuality, gender, ability, experience, or appearance. I believe strongly in intimate accessibility. Please don’t hesitate for a moment to let me know the best ways I can accommodate your abilities.

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