About Clover

Hi! My name is Clover,
aka "Clover Travels",
the insatiable squirter.
I love to travel and take
hot vids & pics!
My email is 

  • I'm a 5'6" 120lb American nympho with a firm body and gravity defying all natural 34D's.

  • I am all me. I am down to earth and real. When you come to see me, you will get me, not a persona.

  • My eyes are a beautiful mosaic of green, blue and amber.

  • My hair is kissed by fire.

  • I have delightfully orgasmic skin that loves to be touched and pet from my size 8 1/2 feet to my adorably sexy face!

  • I LOVE gifts! A bottle a wine, some new sexy wear, toys (must be brand new & in the package), or even amazon gift cards!

  • Most of my personal time is spent creating art and desigining costumes. 

  • I keep my pretty bush trim and delicious.

  • I am a Pisces, a water sign, which might explain why I love to squirt so much :)

  • I LOVE other girls!! I am experienced in and immensely enjoy Sapphic love. 

  • Ask me about photo shoots, videos, and your fantasies!

  • I love female condoms! I do not have them all the time, so please bring your own.

  • I do not discriminate against race, age, sexuality, gender, ability, experience or appearance.

  • I love to TRAVEL with those whom I've met before! Places I would like to visit: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Switzerland, Austria and the list goes on! Please contact me about special travel rates.

  • I am ALLERGIC to cow dairy and its products (milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese, etc), but I can have goat, sheep & buffalo cheeses . I am also gluten intolerant. Please keep this in mind if you are getting food.

  • I consider myself to be pansexual and am into all kinds of lovers.

  • I am disability friendly!! Please let me know the best ways I can accommodate you. 

  • My normal work hours are 10am - 10pm (in NYC 10am - 8pm). If you'd like to see me after hours (overnight excluded), an extra $100 donation is required per hour as an "After Hours" fee.



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