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Clover's F.A.Q.

What do we do when we meet, what makes me squirt,
and all your most frequently asked questions - answered! 
Q: How can I become a member of your site?


A: Thanks for your interest in becoming a member to my site! Members will get exclusive dirty pics and videos with new content every week! To become a member of my site, a one time fee of $300 is required. You can see more information here.

Q: What should I do when we meet?


A: Please feel free to make yourself comfortable when you arrive. Please leave my donation in an envelope in plain site before excusing yourself to the bathroom to wash your hands. I have a strict rule of requiring everyone to wash their hands before play time and frequently during. I am very sensitive.​​

Q: What beverage can I bring you?

A: A bottle of spring water, preferable Evian or Fiji, and/or a bottle of White Burgundy (Chardonnay from the Burgundy Region of France) or Rose. 

Q: Who are you?!


A: I am like no other! I'm a free-spirited, go with the flow, sensual girl next door, whose sweet looks will melt your heart and harden your cock, while my deviously dirty mind will take your mind and body to another being of ecstasy. I am an artist, world explorer, import-export expert, official muse, and squirter extraordinaire. I am a nudist at every opportunity; I feel the most comfortable in my own soft, pale ivory skin. I am also very talented with my hands, for both men and women.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?


A: As you can see from my gallery, I am a visual artist involved in several different mediums. I model for photo shoots and body painting.  I love playing video game on my switch! I'm currently playing Stardew Valley & Borderlands. I also enjoy reading, and I would love the gift of your favorite author! 

Q: I am (insert race, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical status here, virgin). Will you still see me?


A: I breaks my heart to hear someone ask me if I care what they are, and if it will affect if I will see them or not. I do not discriminate against anyone, and will see you, provided you meet my verification requirements, which you can find on my Make a date page. You will quickly learn that my connection with you comes from our personalities, not from the mere physical aspect.

Q: I would like to get you a gift! How can I do that/what do you like?


A: Thank you!!!! I absolutely love gifts! Please check out my wishlist.  I also enjoy gift cards. 

Now that you know me better,
do you feel like we're ready to meet?

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