Clover's wishlist

I love getting presents! If you are feeling generous and would like to show me you love me, I have a wishlist through amazon and I also like the following:

  • Amazon gift card to

  • Lululemon Giftcard

  • Giftcard to Sephora

  • Interesting/ beautiful glass pipes (I have a collection!)

  • Agent Provocatuer gift card

  • Visa Vanilla Giftcard

  • Pleasure Chest Sex Toy Store giftcard (Online)

  • Take Me on a Shopping Spree!

  • Any Lingerie (Size M top Size M bottom)/ shoes (size 8 to 8 1/2) you think would look good on me.

  • A book you really like.

  • Anything from my wishlist. 

  • N64, Game Cube, PS2, Wii or Switch games (I'm a Nintendo gal.)

  • Cash

  • Female Condoms





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