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Sex Work & Disability - Clover's Interview with Sia

Want to hear Clover's Latest Podcast interview with Sia?

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From Sia:

This week I am speaking with Clover, a FSSWer who is living with fibromyalgia. Clover opens up about how she got into sex work and how she is able to deal with such a painful, chronic illness. As we all know, sex work can be a very viable choice for those who live with a disability, due to its accessibility and flexibility with scheduling. Clover's disease causes a lot of pain to her so she's had to cancel on clients in the past before. She's advertised her illness on her booking site and because of that, she's felt that clients are more understandable if a last-minute cancelation must occur. In addition to that, Clover attracts many clients who also suffer from disability and shares with us some tips and tricks on how to better accommodate clients with disabilities.


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