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Puerto Rico Day 1

I wandered around here for about 7 hours today. I was feeling horny before I left for the day. I hadn't cum in a week. It was time to pay some attention to myself, so I took my pants off and masterbated on the couch. I came twice quickly and then left for my day.

At first I had an objective: find the market, which I did, but it was early in the day. A lot of it was closed. And damn, there were a lot of cats. Then I walked back to my place, had a smoke, and starting walking towards the old city. I ended up catching the bus because I was approaching a stop as one came by.

I took the bus as far as it went to the terminal. I wanted to go see the fort so I looked at the map and headed in the general direction. I stopped randomly along the way to take pictures of whatever the fuck I felt like. Flowers, streets, the beautiful azure waters. I eventually reached the fort and paid the $5 to get in (for 7 days!) and explored. I found myself in parts of the fort that were very void of people. It was nice to feel like I was by myself in this giant fort with the beautiful waters ahead of me.

I was feeling weak, and I knew I needed to eat. I left the fort and headed down to the oldest part of town, with it's gleaming black-blue cobblestone streets. I wandered around for awhile, trying to find a place to eat. I did find a local place, but the food was terrible. I threw most of it out.

At this point I had had a little to eat, so I was feeling better and I wandered some more. I had no where to go nor anywhere to be. It felt good.

Eventually I stopped in a restaurant and ate. It was after 3pm and I had been out in the hottest part of the day. I wasn't exhausted, but I wanted to head back. I was about 2.5 miles away from my place, and I decided to walk it. It took me about an hour, but I was able to see and feel more of the place. A number of buildings were run down. I saw a small forest growing on one lot with the walls of a former building in its midst.

I made it home around 4:20, hung out and then had myself a nap. I'm going to go to a gay bar to avoid unwanted attention from men and possibly incur wanted attention from the ladies.


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