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Colorado 1

I will be returning home to Denver Soon from Jan 10 - 13 @ 12pm. I will be heading to the east coast afterwards and will be available home Feb 18 - 29, Mar 15 - 16, 20 - 21, 26 - Apr 5, 19 - 25 & 30 - May 9. After that I will be back again in late July. I have composed some pics from my time visiting and living in Colorado.

This was my first day living in Denver, Colorado! My friend was in town with me and leaving soon, so we decided to hike the Red Rocks trails! This was the day I discovered I liked hiking and I marveled at the amazing view.

The famous Red Rocks of Colorado. Close by is the amazing outdoor amphitheater where all the concerts are held in the Summer. The view is spectacular and it is so cool to be able to see the city of Denver.

Voodoo Doughnut is one of my favorite donut place! Why? Because they have vegan donuts! I have a dairy allergy, so finding donuts I can eat is a very rare thing! I visit Voodoo frequently when the sweet tooth hits me! Plus, love the pink boxes.

I absolutely love interesting plants/flowers. When I'm looking back on all the photos I've taken, I realize how much I like them because I have hundreds of pics of flowers. This desert flower I found when in hiking Red Rocks and I just love its vibrant pink colors and dagger-like petals!

I am no botanist, so I don't have any of the names for these flowers (if you know, message me!). This beautiful Colorado wildflower I found on one of my hiking expeditions. The gradient hues of purple inspire me. It is one of my favorite colors.

Just because, here's a photo of my ass in fishnets. This was a part of a mermaid costume.

Something I really love about being in Colorado is the sun! A mile high up and the sun shines bright! Plus, having outdoor space is really nice when you feel like naked sunbathing...

And lastly, a good ol nug of Legal Colorado weed. I left the phot super large so you can bask in all its glory. I love a good purple weed. I took the photo months ago, so I don't remember what strain it was. I've found a some good purps out in the wild west.

See you soon Colorado!


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