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Colorado 2

I am so happy to be returning home to Denver!! I've been gone for 5 weeks, doing a Florida to NYC to Virginia trip and did the whole thing by train! I am arriving home TODAY! I have missed home so much. I will be here off and on until April 5. NOW - Mar 4, 12 - 16, & 24 - Apr 5.

Oh beautiful home. I've been on the East Coast for awhile and it's been goddamn cold! I was in DC when the big snowstorm hit (got about 2 1/2 feet of snow). I like snow, but I like my snow like the one in the above picture.

I took this picture in the summer to show my "tan". Hey, my arms ARE darker than my ass.... ;-; But hey, look at dat ass!

Another reason why I'm so happy to finally be home! All those 1 gram joints the pot shops give you for a penny when you purchase the day's special. It sure does rack up...

One thing that's awesome about Denver is it's so close to the sun! It feels so good to lay out naked in the suns rays. Making things classier with a pearl necklace. And you even get a bush peek. ;)

One of my favorite pieces that I picked up in Denver with Kitten Karlyle. I love the octopus!!! I have a pipe collection from my travels and I have over 30 different pipes, from Portland to Kansas City to Georgia to NYC. I love the gift of a beautiful glass piece.

Holy fro batman!! I look a bit like I have a neck marshmallow in this picture, but hot damn do my tits look great! This is another great piece I got at the same store as the previous one. The glass feels soft as it has been sand blasted. The result is a very cool matte effect.

Blue - Red - Green.


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